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Veggie Falafel Sandwich in Hicksville NY

Get ready for the most delicious Veggie Falafel Sandwich ever! It’s super yummy and perfect if you don’t eat meat. This sandwich is made with tasty veggies and special spices that make it good. The falafel is crispy and made from spices. The bread is soft and holds everything together. Whether you’re a vegetarian or love tasty food, you must try this sandwich. It’s so yummy you won’t be able to stop eating it. Treat yourself to the Ultimate Falafel Sandwich and enjoy every single bite!


  • Falafel in a bun with mixed greens
  • Onions 
  • Tzatziki sauce

What Is A Falafel Sandwich Made Of?

Try the Veggie Falafel Sandwich! It’s made with falafel, a mix of herbs and spices. The falafel is cooked until crispy and golden brown. The sandwich also has mixed greens, which give it a crunchy texture. On top, you’ll find sliced onions for some extra flavor. And the best part is the tzatziki sauce. It’s a creamy sauce that adds a cool and tangy taste. All of these ingredients are packed into a soft bun. So, if you want a yummy sandwich, try the Falafel Sandwich from Peri-Peri GUYS!

What Is A Falafel Sandwich Made Of?

Are These Sandwiches Healthy?

Yes, veggie falafel sandwiches are good for you! They’re made without meat and have lots of healthy stuff inside.
Are These Sandwiches Healthy?

The falafel is made from veggies. These veggie patties have fiber, vitamins, and minerals that help your body stay strong. The mixed greens in the sandwich also have important vitamins and minerals and give a nice crunch. Onions add yummy flavor and might make you feel better. The sauce, called tzatziki, is made from natural ingredients. It tastes creamy and can be good for your tummy. So, veggie sandwiches are a smart choice for a tasty and good-for-you meal!

Best Deal On Tasty Sandwich

You can get an amazing deal at Peri-Peri GUYS! They have a healthy veggie falafel sandwich that only costs $11.99. This sandwich is good for you because it has fresh and wholesome ingredients. The best part is the falafel, made from tasty veggies and spices. It’s a high-protein food that keeps you satisfied. The sandwich also has a yummy tzatziki sauce on top. Don’t miss out on this special offer for a delicious and nutritious sandwich at Peri-Peri GUYS!

Nutritional Value Of Falafel

A veggie falafel sandwich at Peri-Peri GUYS is a tasty and healthy choice for people who like plant-based food. It’s made with falafel, crushed chickpeas, or fava beans patty. The patty enters a bun with mixed greens, onions, and tzatziki sauce. This sandwich is not only yummy but also good for you. The falafel gives you protein and fiber. The mixed greens have important vitamins and antioxidants. Onions add flavor and some good stuff for your body. Tzatziki sauce has calcium and probiotics. All these ingredients together make a sandwich that is both filling and nutritious for you.