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The Peri Peri GUYS Story

The Sauce

The magic behind our signature Peri Peri GUYS sauce comes from more than just its taste, it comes from its history. Made from the African Bird Eye’s-eye chili pepper, Peri Peri or Piri Piri sauce is the result of a melting pot of cultures and collaborations dating back to the 15th century. It all started when Portuguese settlers were first introduced to the chill[a]i pepper after arriving on the coasts of Mozambique in South Africa. For centuries, the pepper passed through generations, and different versions of sauces developed from region to region, especially popular in many South African and European Countries.

Fast forward to 2018, the Peri Peri GUYS were on mission to develop “the world’s best Peri Peri sauce!” for their friends and families to enjoy. They traveled the world, tasting all different types of sauces, learning the ways in which the pepper evolved and the stories that came along with it. In honor of its culture and for the love of chilli peppers we bring to you “the world’s best Peri Peri sauce!” After marinating for over 24 hours and serving only organic, steroid-free halal chicken, the Peri Peri GUYS are growing the Peri Peri global fanbase, and opening in the world’s greatest city of New York.

The Founders

Peri Peri GUYS founder, Hafeez Raja, first moved to New York from his beloved hometown of Glasgow, Scotland, only to discover he could not find a Peri Peri cuisine that lived up to his standards from back home. As a food entrepreneur and genuine Peri Peri enthusiast, Raja began shipping ingredients from the UK in order to fulfill his Peri Peri needs.

From playing in local pick-up soccer games, Hafeez met a like minded Peri Peri fan, and NY Native of Portuguese descent, Greg Raposo. While their ongoing debate over the proper pronunciation of Peri Peri vs Piri Piri (Pee-Tee, Pee-Tee) still remains, the challenge of making the best Peri Peri sauce began and their partnership was born establishing Peri Peri GUYS in 2020. With Raja, the successful food and franchise entrepreneur and Raposo, a real estate developer and entertainment professional, there’s no better duo to bring the Peri Peri global franchise to New York.

Focusing on the quality of food, sauce and comfortable aesthetic, the Peri Peri experience will take you on and your taste buds on the journey of your life. Come to Peri Peri curious and leave a fan for life. After all, it’s all about the sauce!