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Original Peri Chicken Sandwich in Hicksville NY

The Yummy Original Peri Chicken Sandwich – a super tasty treat that will make your taste buds dance with joy! This sandwich is about the delicious chicken, cooked just right and covered in a special American cheese. It’s also loaded with fresh ingredients, making each bite extra enjoyable. The flavors are tangy and a little spicy, making it exciting to eat! You’ll even love the yummy smell it brings. If you like food full of flavor and want to try something amazing, don’t miss out on our Yummy Peri Chicken Sandwich. Treat yourself to this tasty delight today!

Discover The Ingredients

Let’s discover the ingredients for this tasty sandwich! This sandwich at Peri-Peri GUYS has 5oz chicken breast, like a piece of chicken. And some American cheese, which is a type of cheese that melts well. Don’t forget the lettuce, a leafy vegetable that adds a fresh crunch. Pickles soaked in vinegar will give you a tangy flavor. Finally, we have peri-peri mayo, a creamy sauce with a spicy kick.

What Are The Ingredients

A Wholesome & Nutritious Meal

Prepare for a super tasty and healthy meal with the Delicious Original Peri Chicken Sandwich. It’s made with yummy ingredients that are good for your body. The main thing is a 5oz chicken breast, which has protein to make your muscles strong. There’s also tasty American cheese that adds a creamy and delicious flavor. Crunchy lettuce and tangy pickles give the sandwich a fresh and satisfying crunch. And to make it even more exciting, there’s peri-peri mayo that adds a spicy and yummy taste. This sandwich is a great choice to keep you full and give your body the good stuff it needs. Treat yourself to the Delicious Peri Chicken Sandwich and enjoy a healthy and yummy meal!

What Is The Cost?

How Many Calories Are in Peri Chicken Sandwich?

The Original Peri Chicken Sandwich at Peri-Peri GUYS restaurant is tasty! And guess what? It doesn’t cost a ton of money. It’s priced at just $11.99, which means it’s not too expensive. You get a super yummy sandwich with chicken, cheese, lettuce, pickles, and a special mayo. It’s a great deal because you can have a yummy meal without spending too much cash. So, go to Peri-Peri GUYS and try the Peri Chicken Sandwich without worrying about the price!

How Many Calories Are in Peri Chicken Sandwich?

Enjoy the delicious Original Peri Chicken Sandwich, a tasty treat that won’t make you feel guilty. If you have a Peri Chicken Sandwich from Peri-Peri GUYS, it tastes really good and won’t make you feel bad about eating it. The exact number of calories can change depending on how much food you have and how it’s cooked. On average, a 5oz grilled chicken breast has about 165-200 calories. A slice of American cheese has 70-100 calories. Lettuce and pickles don’t have many calories. The peri-peri mayo can have 60-100 calories in just one spoonful. So, a Peri Chicken Sandwich from Peri-Peri GUYS might have around 295-450 calories. You can ask Peri-Peri GUYS’ friendly staff for the exact number of calories.